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People Concerned with Hearing Loss

There is power in Living Without Compromise

There is power in Living Without Compromise
That 's why people with major to substantial hearing loss need a hearing instrument that is purpose-built to fit their way of living. They need 360 ™.
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Power. Uncompromised.

A severe to substantial hearing loss requires robust power. 360 materials all the practical power required to achieve maximum audibility and sound awareness, while ensuring benefit and high approval for experienced users.

  • - Robust Power: Fits hearing loss as much as 120 dB, with an exceptional peak output of 141 dB SPL and peak gain of 82 dB SPL (2 cc).
  • - Advanced Feedback Management: Gotten Ready with the marketplace \'s leading feedback management system, 360 products more practical gain prior to the start of feedback.
Advanced Characteristics for Serious to Profound Loss.
360 constructs on the success of developments that have in fact revealed trustworthy for other degrees of hearing loss. Tailoring these innovative functions for the exceptionally power client while keeping the power required to meet your consumers specific requirements.

  • - Consisting of speech enhancement SP: adaptive development produced to discover and utilize enhancement to speech where it is needed, boosting clearness and ease of listening.
  • - AutoPro2 ™: utilizes a directional microphone to effectively move in between 2 separately fitted areas without threatening sound awareness.
  • - AntiShock ™: gets rid of discomfort from abrupt impulse sounds without impacting speech or environmental awareness.
  • - Bass Enhancer: established for 360 consumers who require enhanced output in radio frequencies to increase volume understanding.
  • - Noise Decline: identifies and selectively decreases gain in bands where noise is dominant over speech.
  • - Smart Control: a push-button control option to provide consumers with easy and discreet gain access to for altering settings.
Established Hard to Keep Up.Proven Enviro-Tough ™, with reliability and strength for even the most needing requirements of severe to comprehensive users of any ages; no compromise required. Examining also revealed that 360 is long lasting enough to endure lasting, repeating use of controls and impact on difficult area.

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